Measuring and controlling methane emissions is a major problem for all industries. National and international treaties require a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the associated health and safety risks at industrial sites, methane emissions result in lower profitability for the industry, therefore there is an increasing need to detect, monitor and address methane emissions from industries.

Making gas leaks visible

With the methane camera it is possible to determine and visualize gas leaks.

It is possible that your gas installation is leaking without your knowledge; a gas leak cannot be seen with the eye. Biogas Holland can monitor your biogas installation with a methane camera. This advanced camera gives you a clear and accurate picture of gas leaks. Based on the result, Biogas Holland gives advice so that you can solve the problem with this input.

Inspection report with camera images

With the methane camera, we filmed and reported various parts per location. Every possible leakage is identified for the client. Various biogas installations have been checked, such as; sludge digestion tanks, sludge buffer tanks, gas holder, gas dryer, gas filter, gas flare, condensate pump well, pipework with valves and fittings and over- and under-pressure protection, etc.

In addition, various landfills were checked with the methane camera and the landfill gas installation, sealing construction with the foil, piping with appendages and the leachate water system were inspected.

After the inspection, the clients receive the inspection report which contains images of gas leaks with explanations. Then we discuss the results together.

Would you like to inspect your installation?

If you would like an expert from Biogas Holland to visit your biogas installation, please contact Biogas Holland.