Biogas Holland has provided the engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning of a new gas holder and condensate drain at the WWTP Den Bosch of Waterschap Aa en Maas, commissioned by the Besix-Hegeman in combination with the biogas treatment commissioned by Colsen. This innovative project focuses on minimal energy consumption and maximum yield of biogas.

Expansion and renovation of sewage treatment plant

Waterschap Aa en Maas wants to convert the Den Bosch sewage treatment plant into an energy and materials factory. The waterline purifies energy neutral. After the biogas cleaning, the biogas is delivered to;

– Heineken Brewery ‘s-Hertogenbosch for steam generation

– Waste disposal service for CNG-fuel for the garbage disposal trucks

– The CHPs on location

With the renovation, Waterschap is responding to the increasingly strict European requirements for the quality of the treated sewage water. In addition, this renovation removes more biogas from the sewage water.

Activities Biogas Holland

Biogas Holland has carried out the following activities for the delivery and installation of the new biogas plant;

–         Engineering, design and construct

–         Delivery and start-up of the biogas plant

–         Double membrane gas holder

–         All necessary pipework and valves for the biogas cleaning installation

–         Blowers, chiller and heat exchangers

–         Activated carbon filters for the removal of siloxanes and H2S

–         Biogas distribution system to the different consumers

–         Instruments and pneumatic control valves

–         Biogas analysis system for the measurement of oxygen and H2S


In collaboration with TAUW, Biogas Holland has drawn up various work plans and TRAs in accordance with the Working Conditions legislation for the inertization (making oxygen-free) of, among other things, the sludge digestion tanks, the digestate buffer and the gas holder. The entire installation was then rendered inert by Biogas Holland, so that it could be safely put into operation.

We look back with satisfaction on a pleasant cooperation with BesixHegemanColsenTauw en waterschap Aa en Maas. Proud of the result that we have achieved together! Would you like to know what Biogas Holland can do for you? Take a look at our website or contact us on 0513-74 50 53.