Commissioned by ELIQUO Water & Energy BV for Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, we have been able to realize a sustainable energy generation at the Limmel sewage water purification plant in Maastricht! The Verdygo Biogas Treatment ensures that the “dirty” biogas is cleaned from hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and water. The subsequently realized CHP (Combined Heat and Power) converts the cleaned biogas into 360kW/h electrical and 390kW/h thermal energy.

We are proud to say that this project has been completed to the full satisfaction of all involved. As far as we are concerned, such an end result has everything to do with timing and team. By being involved early in the design phase, we were able to express knowledge and experience in the design. In short, we want to speak of a great collaboration in which we were able to deliver a product that we can be proud of with every reason. Biogas Holland would like to thank Eliquo, WBL and 2G Energy AG.