Every year millions of cubic meters of gas go unused into the air

Gascamera Services is the number one party in the Netherlands for the professional and effective detection of gas leaks. The latest state-of-the-art ATEX camera that is used for this is equipped with a sensor that is cooled to -200 degrees Celsius. This makes odorless and invisible gases visible.

Gascamera Services carries out inspections for detecting and mapping gas leaks and advises and supports in the repair of gasleaks. This technique can be used in the entire gas sector, including: biogas, landfill gas and natural gas. The camera visualizes gases, including methane. Methane is an easily flammable gas, which can cause unsafe situations. In addition, methane is a gas that is 25 times harmfuller than CO2. The greenhouse gas emissions from methane in the Netherlands are estimated at approximately 20 MegaTon CO2 equivalent. In addition to increasing safety and reducing harmful environmental emissions, detecting and remedying gas leaks also ensures a higher installation efficiency.

Many inspections are performed preventively to ensure that a production or use location is free from gas leaks. Never the less, one or more leaks are often found. These leakages can arise because pipework expand and contract as a result of seasonal influences and changing temperatures. This can create small openings at pipe connections through which gas can easily escape.

The gascamera is used for inspecting biogas and natural gas installations in industry, sewage treatment installations, agricultural digesters, landfill gas locations and in the fossil natural gas industry. The inspections are carried out by qualified specialists in accordance with the standards and guidelines.

Biogas Holland and Ekwadraat have chosen this joint venture on the basis of similar objectives and each other’s complementary expertise. Consultancy Ekwadraat assists companies and governments in the energy transition by providing independent advice on energy saving, sustainable energy production and transition management. Biogas Holland is specialized in the design, realization and management of biogas plants.

Together, the companies want to make a significant contribution to reducing harmful emissions and increasing safety by setting up Gascamera Services.

“Working on a safe sustainable environment by effectively detecting and reducing harmful emissions.”